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5th July 2022 - upgrade to public sharing Vaults, when you create a public share for a vault all sub folders and files are automatically shared with public access.

20th June 2022 our latest release provides the ability to link File Drop Pages to a shared vault, this means you can link any of your File Drop Pages to a shared vault so all group members receive access to uploaded files and messages. To enable this option edit your File Drop Page and click the "Add Vault Connection" button, you will see your private Vaults and any Vaults that are shared with you.

This release also adds the ability to set an expiry date for encrypted emails, from today you can set the expiry date for encrypted emails - when composing an email select how long the email will be available for, options range from “Expires as soon as the message is read and files downloaded” to expires after 1, 2 up to 14 days.

Below is what we are working on and have recently released.

  • Desktop sync client for Mac / Windows
  • Mobile App IOS & Android
  • AI powered face recognition security access
  • e-signature
  • Integration with Box
  • integration with pCloud
  • API access to Connected
  • Gmail integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Add tasks with approval process
  • Mobile App IOS & Android
  • AI powered automated identity verification
  • Link a File Drop Page to a shared Vault - DONE
  • Full interface rewrite – DONE
  • File viewer for Vaults – DONE
  • File Drop Pages upload to Vault – DONE
  • CNAME white label – use your own Domain with Connected – DONE
  • Improvements to Vault sharing – granular access – DONE
  • ZIP all files from a message for easy download – DONE
  • Export files from vaults – DONE